You do not need to pay fees as part of tryouts.  If your child makes a team, we will send an invoice that will allow you to pay on-line or with a check.  This invoice will go out in September.  Here is a list of the costs:

  • $185 - Arapahoe Feeder Basketball Fee (Required)
  • $40 - Uniform Jersey (if needed)
  • $35 - Uniform Shorts (if needed)
  • $36 - AHS basketball Bag with Name or Number (Optional)
  • $39 - AHS basketball Bag with Name and Number (Optional)

Note that each family will also pay Gold Crown directly to play in the league.  This is the same technique used last year.  Information on how to make this payment will be provided later.

  • $165 - Gold Crown Competitive League Fee (Required)
  • $175 Gold Crown Elite/CYB League Fee (If Team also plays in this league)

Note that the Arapahoe Feeder Basketball Fee includes one pre-season tournament fee.